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Question 1: Process & Timeline
Question 2: Colors
Question 3: Wording Etiquette
Question 4: Printing Types
Question 5: Payment
Question 6: Shipping
Question 7: Orders

Question 1: Process & Timeline

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q: When should I send out my save the dates?

a: Typically save the dates get sent to only guests you are inviting to the wedding, 6 months to a year before your wedding date.

q: When should I send out my wedding invitations?

a: Your invitations should go out 6-8 weeks before your event, with RSVPs to be returned 2 weeks before your event to give your vendors a good number to go by.

q. How long does it take to have my invitations printed from the time I order them?

a: From the time you take our bride and groom questionnaire, to mailing your invitations out after printing, it takes from about two to three weeks turn around, depending on how intricate your designs are. We recommend you place your order at least 4 months before your big day to allow enough time to choose the right invitation, decide on wording, etc. We recommend that you begin your invitation search 6-8 months before your wedding date.

Question 2: Colors

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q. What color combos go best for each season?

a. Not all colors are specific for certain seasons, but we will try unique and tasteful color combinations to fit your theme, even if it seems off season. It’s best to pick 3-5 wedding colors, 2 of them being colorful and the rest neutral tones of white or ivory. With invitation colors, less is more. Check out our mood boards on pinterest for more seasonal color inspiration.

Question 3: Wording Etiquette (wording scenarios)

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Please visit our Wording Guide.

Question 4: Printing Types (digital, thermo, letterpress)

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q: What are the different types of printing you offer? And how does that effect my estimate?

digital: This is your basic flat printing that gives you more leeway with colors, like if you have more than two colors, or if they include photos. This is the most economical solution for save the dates.

thermography: The ink is raised on the paper, giving that tactile effect from engraving without the price tag. This high-demand method is quite affordable and will allow up to two colors for printing.

letterpress: This antique method of printing brings the impressed feel into your cotton soft paper invitations. Expect pillowy impressions and subtle shadows with this technique. Your guests will know that this hand-pressed invitation will be their first impression of your special day. This solution will run you a little higher if you pick up to two colors. Our one color letterpress is very popular.

Question 5: Payment (sales tax, valid credit cards)

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q: What type of payment do you accept?

a. We accept cash, check and PayPal at the moment.

q: Do you charge sales tax?

a. Yes, we add on a 7% sales tax.

Question 6: Shipping (timeline, tracking, local)

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q. Can I pick up my invitations and fulfill them myself, say if I want to stuff and address them with my mother and/or bridesmaids?

a. Sure! Just contact us and we can meet you in person or ship it to you unassembled.

q: How long does it take for my invitations to ship to my guests?

a. Within the continental U.S. it takes 1-5 days depending on your zip code. And yes! We can send international! (postage rates and arrival dates may vary)

q. How do I track my shipment?

a. Once you've received confirmation your invitations have been sent, we will provide you with a tracking number.

Question 7: Orders (discounted bulk, proofing, reordering, samples)

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q. How many extras should I order?

a: Typically we advise you to order 10-15 extras for keepsakes or to send to that one extended cousin you left off your original guest list!

q. How does the proofing process work?

a: After we finalize the design, we’ll send you an electronic proof, and have you compare that with a physical mock-up that we mail to you, so you can see and feel your final invitation design in person before sending your files to the printer.

q. How much does it cost to reorder if I run out of extras?

a: Normally you can pay about $5 an invitation suite to have them reprinted. Quantities of 25 suggested for the best price.

q: Can I request samples of invitations I see on your website?

a: Yes! If we have them in stock we can send you samples for the price of postage to mail them.